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Consultation on the Trade Policy Review

  • Policy field: Trade
  • Target group: All interested stakeholders
  • Closing Date: 15/11/2020

Objective of the consultation

The European Commission launched a major review of the European Union’s trade policy, including a public consultation seeking input from the European Parliament, Member States, stakeholders and civil society. The Commission’s objective is to build a consensus around a fresh medium-term direction for EU trade policy, responding to a variety of new global challenges and taking into account the lessons learned from the coronavirus crisis.

The consultation covers all relevant topics to the EU trade policy. The results of this consultation will feed into a communication to be published towards the end of the year.

To the consultation (also available in all EU languages)


State of intellectual property in third countries

  • Policy field: Intellectual Property
  • Target group: All interested stakeholders
  • Closing Date: 16/11/2020

Objective of the consultation

Public consultation on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in third countries

In the framework of the European Union’s Strategy for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Third Countries, the European Commission (DG Trade) is launching a public consultation in order to gather information on the state of intellectual property protection and enforcement in third countries.

The main objective of this public consultation is to identify third countries in which the state of IPR protection and enforcement gives rise to the highest level of concern and to update the list of the so called “priority countries”. The public consultation will be one of the tools used to help improve the IPR systems in third countries. It will help the European Commission focus its efforts and resources on the priority countries and on the specific areas of concern, with the aim of improving IPR protection and enforcement worldwide.

The results of this public consultation will also enable rightholders to gain awareness of potential risks to their IP when engaging in business activities in the priority countries and thus allow them to design business strategies and operations to protect their IP rights.

To the consultation (also in French and German)