EUCCAN, in partnership with EEN Canada, EU Chamber of Commerce Canada West and Canada EU Trade and Investment Association (CEUTIA), is pleased to invite you to our flagship event

EU – Canada Tech Business Day!

EU-Canada trade, investment and partnership opportunities and challenges in the agri-tech, clean-tech and med-tech sectors will be in focus. EUCCAN will welcome public and private officials from both Europe and Canada for panel discussions dedicated to each sector. This event will also give European and Canadian companies in the three sectors, the chance to network. It will also provide the opportunity for European businesses to meet Canadian federal and provincial officials, and Canadian companies to meet representatives of EU countries, to support their market expansion.

Across the EU and Canada, the tech sector has been taking off, with emerging hubs across the map.  Given their innovation and the encouragement brought on by CETA with eliminated tariffs, greater cooperation on standards and certification, smoother labour mobility and increased procurement access opportunities, there is a great opportunity for cooperation and partnerships between European and Canadian tech SMEs and ventures.


Thursday May 27th 2021

From 9am to 1pm EST / 15h – 19h CET

Panel discussion starting at 10am EST / 16h CET

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Agri Tech

How do we use less space? How do we use less water? Is this soil growing crops efficiently?

Not to be confused with food-tech, which focuses directly on innovating food sources, agri-tech is centered on increasing the efficiency and sustainability of farms and fields. Europe is home to a massive, diverse and world-renowned agri-food and drink industry, while the sheer size of Canada makes it one of the largest agricultural players in the world.

With slashed tariffs thanks to CETA and the agri-food trade continuing to grow between the EU and Canada, both have the incentive to support each other’s flourishing agri-tech ecosystems.


Clean Tech

Encompassing technologies and practices designed to improve sustainability, such as green energy, the EU and Canada are among the leaders in innovation in this sector. With the EU’s goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and Canada being ranked second worldwide in the Global Clean Tech Innovation Index, the mutual opportunities for investment, trade and partnerships are as strong as ever.

The Canadian government has also launched numerous financing and R&D programs over the past few years, presenting an opportunity for those interested in the Canadian cleantech market, while ever-growing demand in Europe for clean innovation could serve as boon for Canadian cleantech providers.


Med Tech

Telemedicine. Medical Robots. 3D Bioprinting.

These are just some of the evolving technologies in the med-tech world.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not the only event that is increasing investor and business interest into the medical technologies field, but also our shifting societies. The EU and Canada are both rapidly aging, demonstrating the need to develop more efficient and accessible technologies in the medical field as demand for them rises.

Employing just over 35,000 in Canada and nearly 700,000 in the EU, the med-tech sector is set for rapid growth in both markets over the next decade.