EUCCAN advocates for EU companies at all levels of government (municipal, provincial, and federal), identifying challenges and opportunities of doing business in Canada, addressing common affairs and voicing business interests and recommendations to the EU and Canadian governments. To support these actions we facilitate industry committees, conduct surveys and publish position papers.

EUCCAN informs EU and Canadian companies about the CETA providing practical business guides, industry papers and up-to-date information about EU/Canada business relations. We organize business seminars and networking events Canada-wide and online.


  • Economic Outlook – 2022
  • Doing Business with Canada – 2021
  • CETA 3rd Anniversary – 2017 to 2019 figures – Trade of goods
  • From NAFTA to CUSMA: opportunities for EU companies
  • CETA and Creative and Cultural Industries
  • CETA and the agrifood sector
  • CETA and the Canadian healthcare sector
  • CETA and ICT industries
  • CETA and Manufacturing