At the Polish National Union of Canada, The Canada Poland Chamber of Commerce hosted a delegation from Lublin, Poland in February 2020.  The visiting companies operate mainly in the automotive, metallurgical, mining, and mechanical industry.

During their four days in Toronto, the delegation met with representatives of Ontario’s Automotive, Metallurgy, Robotics sector as well as with government institutions and bilateral chambers. They also visited the facilities of CPCC member Cyclone Manufacturing as part of their study tour.

Presentations, networking and B2B meetings also took place at the Ontario Investment and Trade Centre in downtown Toronto.

An additional attraction included a beer tasting-featuring beer brewed by the first and only Cooperative Brewery in Poland. Created from the needs of the heart, enthusiasm, determination and passion, the brewery from Puck, Poland is part of the DALBA Social Cooperative, whose employees are disabled people. Let’s spread this passion in Canada.