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Watch: CETA & Government Procurement: Opportunities for EU and Canadian companies


EUCCAN organized a webinar on Government procurement opportunities in the framework of CETA for companies from the European Union and Canada. Review this webinar by clicking on the image below.

Watch: CETA & Government Procurement: Opportunities for EU and Canadian companies2020-07-28T10:58:59-04:00

EUCCAN celebrates 25th anniversary


While CETA will soon be celebrating its third year of implementation, EUCCAN has been working on the ground for the past 25 years to strengthen trade between Canada and the EU. The story began in 1995 with EUCOCIT (European Union Chamber of Commerce in Toronto) establishing the purpose of strengthening economic ties between Toronto and Europe. As part of the organization’s expansion efforts to become a country-wide European platform in Canada not just in Toronto, EUCOCIT then became EUCCAN (European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada) in 2013. Since then, EUCCAN has worked with institutional, public and private partners to promote [...]

EUCCAN celebrates 25th anniversary2020-07-28T10:32:07-04:00

EUCCAN joined EBO Worldwide network


Since July 2020, EUCCAN joined EBO Worldwide network. EBO (European Business Organisation) Worldwide Network stands as the only organization that represents European business interests in markets outside the European Union. It represents an active network in more than 45 key markets that serves European multinationals, as well as micro, small, medium and large companies. EBOWWn is the first global European network representing 30,000 businesses globally, and representing the voice of European business abroad. Being part of such a network will support EUCCAN in its constant growth, it will allow EUCCAN to have a voice in Brussels and support the spread of [...]

EUCCAN joined EBO Worldwide network2020-07-28T10:24:43-04:00

From NAFTA to CUSMA: opportunities for EU companies


CUSMA, the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement, came into effect on July 1st perfectly in time for Canada day, replacing NAFTA. In Canada, it’s called CUSMA but in the US, it’s USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) and TMEC (Tratato Mexico-Estados Unidos-Canada) in Mexico. In effect since January 1st, 1994, the Trump Administration’s main reason for renegotiating NAFTA was to stop the flow of automobile assembly lines heading to Mexico. NAFTA had replaced the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement of 1988, itself broadening the scope of its predecessor, the Auto Pact of 1965. The Auto Pact began the integration of the Canadian and American automobile [...]

From NAFTA to CUSMA: opportunities for EU companies2020-07-24T09:38:25-04:00